Vislink Satellite

Secure Global Satellite Solutions

Vislink’s award winning satellite solutions are supported by more than 30 years technical expertise. They ensure robust, secure communications whilst delivering low transmission costs for any organisation that needs high quality, reliable satellite transmission.


  • High quality, reliable transmission
  • Maximum performance from minimum OPEX
  • Mobile and rapid deployment packages
  • Turnkey capability means you won’t need to manage separate dish and electronics providers
Vislink Satellite


  • Live News Production
  • Live Entertainment
  • Defence
  • Public Safety
  • Border Security
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Military Surveillance
Vislink Satellite


Vislink Technologies offers a comprehensive range of world-leading satellite communication solutions including:

  • Bandwidth Efficient DVB-S2X modulation
  • Latest HEVC Video Compression Technology
  • All-IP Satellite Transmission technology to reduce satellite OPEX
  • Field proven robust antenna designs
Vislink Satellite
Working with Vislink
Hands-on, tailored approach

As global leaders in the provision of high quality, reliable, real time video communication, we have the knowledge and experience to create a solution specific to your operational needs.

Reception reliability

Where cabled connectivity isn’t viable, Vislink Technologies can deploy RF technology that delivers reception reliability in line-of-site and non-line-of-site scenarios. Our solutions are designed to work in the toughest environments where signal reflections can prove challenging.

Efficient use of available bandwidth

We compress digital video to a low data rate/bandwidth for transmission to the point of delivery, enabling greater volumes of information to be communicated using the available bandwidth. The image is then rebuilt at the command centre in real time.

We won’t overcomplicate things

The simplicity of the solutions we offer and easy to use interfaces have several advantages including: limited training requirements, reduced systems commissioning overheads and reduced system maintenance.


At the heart of the action

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