Vislink Launches New IP-Native Quantum Wireless Camera Receiver to Drive Remote Operational Efficiency via Innovative IP Connectivity
March 30, 2021
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New IP Platform Strengthens Production, Allowing Freedom for Camera Operators and Fewer People On-site

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ, March 30, 2021 – Vislink (NASDAQ: VISL) (“the Company”), the global technology leader in the collection, delivery and management of high quality, live video and associated data, announced today the launch of its Quantum (“Quantum”) IP-native wireless camera receiver, which provides high-reliability reception from wireless camera transmitters and creates more efficient workflows by incorporating IP connectivity at the heart of live video production.

Vislink’s Quantum is an IP-native, high-performance RF receiver which enables production teams to fully implement remote production systems, increasing production efficiencies and allowing event operations teams to use their staff and resources more productively. By delivering content directly over IP fiber networks and cutting out additional video compression stages, Vislink’s Quantum receiver can remove additional equipment CAPEX costs and increase video quality.

Video production organizations can now benefit from utilizing enhanced IP capability to offer new services. Quantum provides in-built SRT capability to contribute video over the unmanaged internet, enabling event production to be achieved at a fraction of the connectivity costs and making delivery of new content financially viable. Quantum significantly extends the number of RF inputs on a wireless camera receiver to 16—enabling wider area coverage and more robust RF reception through sophisticated MRC and Packet switching technology.

“The pandemic has forever changed the way production teams operate, and solutions that deliver greater production flexibility and lower operational costs are now critical. By putting IP connectivity at the heart of the Quantum receiver, Vislink can help content creators fully modernize their networks to deliver high-impact wireless camera images and simplify the infrastructure required to bring that content home,” said Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink. “In this time of rapid transition for broadcast systems, Quantum is a prime addition to any production team. Built for both remote production and on-site live event coverage, not only is Quantum capable of moving compressed video around all-IP environments, it is also a SMPTE2110-ready device which can enable more efficient operational workflows for video production environments as they also evolve to next generation IP architectures.”

Quantum was created with a modern unit design, incorporating a touchscreen interface and APIs to allow integration into system control and orchestration tools. By enabling an increase in antenna locations, event production teams can achieve greater area coverage with more confidence in robust video transfer without fear of picture breakup. Equipped with low latency video processing technology, Quantum offers multi-format video decoding that supports all major video formats including high frame rate, high dynamic range and 4k resolutions—ensuring premium video productions can benefit from the flexibility and immersive camera views that only wireless camera systems can offer.

Key features of the Quantum receiver include:

  • Up to 16-way diversity LMS-T and DVB-T demodulation for robust wide area reception
  • Low latency HEVC and MPEG-4 video decode compression technology with HDR, HFR and 4k support
  • Dual service HEVC HD Decode
  • IP-native Transport Stream connectivity to simplify remote production architectures
  • SRT support to allow low cost video contribution over the unmanaged internet
  • SMPTE2110 ready to allow video production systems to migrate to all-IP workflows

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