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Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT) And Vislink Join Forces At NAB 2017

Union of IMT and Vislink Product Lines Provides an Expanded Range of Comprehensive Video Capture, Transmit and Receive Solutions

xG Technology, Inc. (“xG” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW), a leading provider of wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications, announced that its Integrated Microwave Technologies (“IMT”) and Vislink businesses will be jointly showcasing a wide array of products and solutions at NAB 2017 (Booth C8008).

xG Technology acquired Vislink with the goal of merging their operations with those of IMT. The addition of Vislink product lines to IMT brings together, under one roof, the broadcast industry’s most comprehensive range of wireless video capture, transmit and receive systems.

George Schmitt, Executive Chairman and CEO of xG Technology, said, “Since completing the acquisition of Vislink last month, we have begun to aggressively drive the integration of their operations. The joint appearance of IMT and Vislink at NAB 2017 underscores this commitment. The impressive synergies between their product lines allows them to offer a wider and richer set of capabilities than previously available to customers in broadcast and media, as well as in law enforcement, public safety and defense markets.”

“We are excited to be showcasing our expanded product offerings at the premier gathering of broadcast media and entertainment professionals,” says John Payne IV, president of IMT USA. “The synergy of IMT and Vislink allows us to offer best-in-class solutions for collecting and delivering secure, high-quality video from live news, sports and entertainment events.”

Mike Payne, president of Newsnet, a newly created group within IMT focused on the next generation of IP newsgathering solutions, says, “All of us at Vislink are excited to combine our collective resources with IMT to solidify ourselves as leaders within the broadcast and law enforcement markets. The future is tremendously bright as we develop new IP wireless systems, extending studio networks seamlessly into the field.”

Among the key products IMT and Vislink will be presenting at NAB 2017 include:

  • Vislink UltraLite, the world’s first end-to-end wireless 4K UHD live video solution;
  • IMT DragonFly, a highly-miniaturized wireless video transmission system;
  • IMT Nulinx-IP Compact, a self-contained, point-to-point bi-directional microwave link that supports current ATSC 1.0 and future ATSC 3.0 standards;
  • Vislink Newsnet, a revolutionary approach to ENG operations that brings studio workflows directly to the field;
  • Vislink ViewBack, a lightweight, low power, low latency, dual channel diversity receiver-decoder that enables quicker production, more efficient editing, and more effective collaboration between camera operators and studio teams; and
  • Vislink SatWare, a high-performance embedded computing and routing system designed to provide enhance capability and simplified use of broadcast equipment in the field.

XG Technology Announces New Management Appointments In Support Of Realigned IMT And Vislink Businesses

James Walton, John Payne Will Play Key Roles in Pursuing Worldwide Growth Opportunities for
Mission-Critical Video Solutions

xG Technology, Inc. (“xG” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW), a leading provider of wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications, today announced that James Walton has been appointed president of IMT Ltd., the new legal entity created by the acquisition of Vislink by xG. Mr. Walton, who previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of Vislink, will assume responsibility for the management of Vislink offices located in the United Kingdom, and all IMT and Vislink business operations outside of the Americas. This includes the sale of all current IMT and Vislink products in those areas. Mr. Walton has also been appointed a corporate officer of xG Technology.

John Payne IV, who previously served as president of the IMT division of xG Technology, will now serve as president of IMT USA, with responsibility for all IMT and Vislink business operations in the Americas, including the sale of all current IMT and Vislink products in those areas.

John Coleman remains president of xG Technology’s Federal business unit. Messrs. Walton, Payne and Coleman will report directly to George Schmitt, and their operations will also be under the purview of Roger Branton, CFO of xG Technology.

George Schmitt, Executive Chairman and CEO of xG Technology, said, “We are pleased that James Walton will be spearheading our efforts to promote our best-in-class video capture, transmit and management solutions to broadcast, sports and entertainment, and mission-critical public safety and defense sectors around the world. At the same time, John Payne and his team at IMT will now have at their disposal expanded product capabilities to deliver innovative solutions to customers in North and South America.”

James Walton said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to help drive the next phase of growth for Vislink and IMT products in global markets. The addition of the IMT range of products to Vislink’s offerings will enable the delivery of comprehensive, highly targeted solutions to our existing and prospective clientele that concretely address their business and mission challenges.”

Presteigne uses HEROCast BACPAC transmitters for Six Day Cycling coverage in London, Ghent and Amsterdam

Following on from their debut at the London 6 Day Cycling event in 2015, Presteigne was asked to provide on-board cameras as part of the 2016 television coverage for these events, covering London, Ghent and Amsterdam.

Presteigne deployed four of their BACPAC combined GoPro / Vislink HEROCast systems coupled with a Vislink L2174-based receive system.

Presteigne chose the HEROCast all-in-one transmitter units for their coding quality, RF ruggedness and, as an all–in-one design, their ability to be quickly switched from one bike to another and between different bike mounted positions as each evening’s racing progressed.

The Six Day race series is comprised of multiple, varied forms of racing and features many of the world’s top professional riders who intensely compete over the six days in a festival atmosphere.

All of the events were shown live on Eurosport with the on-board footage being a significant part of the live coverage, as well as being used for action replays.

Presteigne CEO, Mike Ransome, said “The on-board images enabled viewers to experience vantage points never before seen, which boosts viewer engagement and entertainment. And because the RF links were 100% reliable, the experience was as near to ‘there’ as you can get in a two-dimensional world.”

Vislink solves remote reporting challenges with new satellite data solution for broadcasting

With broadcasters facing an increased demand for worldwide content, but with inefficient infrastructure hampering their ability to deliver high quality video from different corners of the globe, Vislink has launched a new addition to its SATCOM portfolio.

The leading global technology business, which specializes in the wireless capture, delivery and management of high quality live video, has launched SatWare to easily extend studio workflows to the field. It allows reporters from around the world to work together, sharing files and video content as seamlessly as if they were in the studio together.

The SatWare computing platform delivers IP services across continents whilst making efficient use of satellite bandwidth. This means that file based workflow, data and voice communications can easily be accessed by the remote reporter over a Wi-Fi connection to the Vislink satellite terminal of their choice.


Vislink introduces a new reverse video receiver for camera operators

Vislink ViewBack lets the camera operator position the shot perfectly on seeing the studio output

mike payne picWith live performances requiring graphics – from phone numbers to live scores – getting these to appear on screen in the right position is vital to making sure the audience never misses a goal, or a caption never obscures someone’s performance. To eradicate errors from this process, Vislink has added Vislink ViewBack to its range of wireless camera systems. The new product will allow camera operators to check the final studio production of their shots, combined with any graphics or text, at the simple click of a button.

Vislink is a leading global technology business specializing in the wireless capture, delivery and management of high quality live video. Its team of experts has launched Vislink ViewBack to make production quicker, editing more efficient, and to provide more effective collaboration between camera operators and the studio teams during live production.

Vislink ViewBack is a small, low power, video only receiver, designed to return video from the studio to a field location, making it possible for camera operators to see studio output, and perfect their shots accordingly. The lightweight, dual channel diversity receiver/decoder is compatible with any Vislink wireless transmitter system.

Using Vislink ViewBack, camera operators can quickly adjust the position of their camera to ensure that no important part of the footage is obscured. ViewBack can also be used for the reception of camera/ studio output to a ‘production’ monitor on set or as a wireless teleprompt receiver.

Operating in the 2GHz licensed band (with an option for the unlicensed 1.4 GHz band), the ViewBack receiver supports Vislink’s high performance and robust LMST demodulation, in addition to low latency H.264 decoding. Outputs include HDMI and HDSDI, the latter being switchable, in wireless camera applications, between the local camera video and the return received video. Picture interruption on switching is avoided by use of local ‘frame lock’ information extracted from the camera source. A lens interface is provided to utilize the ‘return’ button of the camera lens.

The Vislink ViewBack is supplied with flexible ¼ wave antennas, and various mounting options for camera and Steadicam rigs. User control is via Bluetooth using the Vislink App, available for Android devices.

Mike Payne, CTO at Vislink added: “ViewBack allows camera operators to easily check the final studio output whilst they are filming the action. We have designed it to be robust, lightweight and simple to use with our existing wireless camera systems. There is no reason now for the focus of the live action to covered up by a graphic or headline. ViewBack can help get the best shot first time.”

Vislink will demonstrate the technology at the IBC Show in Amsterdam from September 9th – 13th at booth #1.A69

Join Vislink at IBC 2016 – free Exhibition Passes available

Join Vislink at IBC 2016 Exhibition

9-13 September RAI Amsterdam

Vislink invites you to attend the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam, September 9th-13th.

To confirm your free exhibition pass, click the link below and enter Customer Code 3634 in the Pass Options step of Registration.

This Customer Code entry allows complimentary access to the IBC Exhibition only from 10.30am Friday 9th to 4pm Tuesday 13th September.

Vislink will be launching new products at IBC and giving updates on many of our other solutions. Do come and see us in Hall 1, Stand A69 for demonstrations and to meet our experts.

Full event details are on the IBC Exhibition at

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam

Launch of new customer assistance system

August 8th, 2016 sees introduction of our new support capabilities

Over the past few months, we have been actively investing in both our staff and our  processes in order to achieve one simple, yet very important goal, service excellence. When it comes to customer support, we have one critical job. We must ensure customer needs are fully met and exceeded at every possible opportunity. As such, we are taking this opportunity to introduce some changes launching in the next few weeks.

We are implementing a new automated case management platform that will allow for (1) continual communication of case status to our customers and (2) clear case prioritization and workflow queues for us. Customers will always know their point of contact and the progression of their case throughout the resolution cycle.

Starting on August 8th, customers will begin seeing responses from the Vislink Technical Assistance Center when emailing us via the Vislink support address or calling us. Enquiries will be assigned a unique case number and a unique workflow that will allow us to execute the issue in a timely and efficient manner. Throughout the process, customers can reply back to these emails with comments and other pertinent information that will assist in the troubleshooting exercises. Lastly, and most importantly, we will not close the case until our customer approves of the solution.

This initiative is just one among a number of initiatives underway within Vislink to ensure our customers have a lifelong partner for success.

Vislink Technical Assistance Center

T: +1 978 671 5929
T: 888 777 9221

T: +44 1442 431410

Launch of Vislinknewsnet transforms news broadcasting by bringing studio workflows to the action in the field

Vislink, a leading global technology business specializing in the provision of advanced  communications to the broadcast industry, has launched a new wireless communications solution specifically designed for Electronic News Gathering (ENG).

Vislinknewsnet makes it easy for news broadcasters to meet the demand for high-quality, up-to-the-minute broadcast coverage. It allows reporters to work in the field as if they were in the studio, with the guarantee of always getting that high quality, edited story back to meet scheduling deadlines. It also means that the producer can use multiple points of view ‘on demand’ from multiple trucks as and when required without lengthy link set up and negotiation.

The solution provides a secure, bi-directional, high speed data and video, radio network with concurrent connections to each receive sector, all on a single channel within the broadcaster’s BAS spectrum. It allows the broadcaster to manage their own data link allocations, to address different uplink and downlink requirements, reduce bottlenecks and prioritize the data when the story matters, based on studio systems and workflow.

Vislinknewsnet also includes a number of practical features to help with usability, such as an app to quickly establish link connections, for speed and ease of contribution, as well as an intuitive management system with drill-down map-based user interface. It is a world-first solution that broadcasters can depend on and introduce as a non-disruptive evolution of their current network.

Mike Payne, CTO and President of Vislink in the Americas, explains: “The way news breaks is constantly evolving, and broadcasters need to keep ahead of the curve, if they are to continue to meet viewer expectations. To do this reporters need flexible tools and dependable connectivity, even when they are outside the studio network.

“With Vislinknewsnet reporters can work as if they were in the studio, combining the same workflow, with the drama of being at the scene.  News directors can produce more, high quality outside content without the fear of congestion, contention or public network jamming, even when covering high profile stories. Vislinknewsnet also makes it possible for directors to control costs by making more efficient use of the spectrum they already use.”

Vislinknewsnet will ensure news broadcasters are able to capture and deliver unique and compelling live video content that gives viewers the feeling of “being there”. Key business benefits include:

  • Increasing the value of file based, field originated content with studio production qualities
  • Supporting news reporting from multiple live feeds per truck and multiple trucks per area
  • More content generated from the same resources
  • More concurrent live shots
  • Dependable bi-directional IP links
  • Quicker & easier production/filing of news reports
  • More effective use of spectrum & staff
  • Easy to use operation that allows non experts to use the solution out in the field through auto-guidance and smartphone app

“News directors, reporters and correspondents will realize the advantages of Vislinknewsnet as soon as they get to use it. In fact, it’s transformed news broadcasting for our trial customers already,” continues Mike. “The user experience is just like working on the studio network but with all of the benefits of being close to the action, as it happens. It can transform the back of a truck into a mobile bureau, and make the production and delivery of news more exciting and more flexible than ever before.”

Vislink will demonstrate the new wireless technology at the NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 16-21 at booth #C6008

Further information:

Vislink Unveils UltraLite, the First Wireless 4K UHD Camera System

Liberating the 4K UHD Camera and allowing viewers to “Be There Now”

Vislink, a leading global technology business specializing in the provision of advanced communications to the broadcast industry, today announced its new lightweight 4K UHD video encoder system — providing broadcasters with the world’s first end-to-end wireless 4K UHD live video solution.

With today’s announcement, broadcasters and production companies can now provide live 4K UHD video using their wireless cameras for the very first time. The “UltraLite” module is specifically designed and optimized for integration with existing 4K UHD cameras, allowing customers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively upgrade.

“Broadcasters want to offer high quality live 4K UHD video content using wireless cameras to enhance their coverage of live events such as sports and concerts”, said Ali Zarkesh, vice president product management Vislink. “We know that being wireless creates new and different points of view for the audience, and allows the camera person flexibility when capturing action shots from different moving points. It allows the viewer to really be there and now they can do all that with UHD”

Vislink’s 4K UHD wireless video camera system provides broadcasters with a simple upgrade path if they want to move to a 4K UHD wireless live solution. They can easily upgrade their existing camera with the small, lightweight attachment that mounts onto a variety of 4K UHD cameras and, with the UltraDecoder (on the receive side), they can use their existing wireless infrastructure to provide 4K UHD live video end-to-end.

“Vislink’s UltraLite solution is a great example of our industry-leading solutions, which builds on our heritage of providing pioneering technology for broadcast systems,” added Zarkesh. “By constantly innovating, we are combining exceptional products and services, and introducing broadcasters to superior solutions that help them to do their jobs even more effectively.”

Vislink will demonstrate the new wireless technology at the NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 16-21 at booth #C6008

Further information:

Delivering World Class Performance at the Race of Champions


Congratulations to four time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel on his superb win at the Race of Champions last weekend. The event, held at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium on 20th & 21st November 2015, also saw Team England 1’s touring car duo Andy Priaulx and Jason Plato take a storming victory in the Nations Cup.

Delivering thrilling, world class performances at the event was not just a job for the drivers though. To provide television viewers with an experience as close as possible to the action, Vislink’s on-board wireless camera systems, supplied by AMP Visual TV, were fitted to the cars. These enabled live video broadcast in high definition directly from the drivers point to view. Further capability for live on-board transmission was provided via GoProHERO cameras, each fitted with the HEROCast transmitters manufactured by Vislink. This solution was used in a number of vehicles, including the Mercedes F1 car demonstrated by the official Mercedes F1 test driver and DTM world champion, Pascal Wehrlein.

In addition, Vislink’s Clip-On 4 wireless camera transmitters, provided by Mediatec Broadcast Finland OY, delivered live high definition footage from roaming broadcast cameras around the venue. These wireless cameras enabled operators with the mobility to capture close-up footage not just from the trackside, but also from the pitlane, paddock and podium areas, delivering dramatic high speed action, plus interviews with the drivers and other celebrities. All of the video transmitted by the on-board cameras, HEROCast transmitters and other wireless cameras, was received using Vislink’s L2174 receivers and MDR (modular diversity receive) system.

With the world watching the performance of champions and no second chances to capture and deliver that vital footage, Vislink were delighted to work with these partners to deliver amazing live video to viewers directly from the action.