Start Your (Electric) Engines!
August 17, 2018

Vislink Delivers Innovative Video Solutions to Formula E Series

The Challenge

Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring Formula cars powered exclusively by electric energy. They wanted to deliver consistent, real-time, close-up action from the track and pit lanes. Top speeds over 200 mph, near constant acceleration and deceleration, and fierce vibrations are just a few of the extreme conditions that create unique challenges for delivering low latency and crystal clear images.

The Solution

Vislink engineers designed and tested a vehicle onboard camera system, as well as a track-wide receive system that ensures full coverage regardless of car positioning.

Formula E cars now race with four micro-sized onboard HD cameras, which can be mounted in up to 10 different positions. H.264 onboard transmitters provide live HD video, as well as audio and data related to the car’s speed, position and other metrics. Forty cars have been pre-wired to accept wireless cameras and transmitters. Formula E has the flexibility to make 20 cars “live” at any given time.

To ensure continuous coverage from around the track, multiple ground-based receivers are placed strategically around the circuit, so every camera provides uninterrupted video.

The Result

Formula E viewers benefit from the unique and immersive footage provided by onboard cameras, H.264 transmitters and multiple receivers. Vislink technology allows broadcasters to deliver persistent, HD quality video from the track to viewers worldwide.

“Our goal is to provide the most immersive track experience possible for our viewers. Vislink delivered a customized solution that allows our audience unique camera angles from the cars and seamless video transmission from the strategically placed receivers around the track. Vislink’s engineers worked with us every step of the way to ensure the designs met our specifications through installation and final testing.”

Ali Russell Director of Media, Formula E