How standbuilder BuckDesign reinvented themselves by adding broadcast studio services vPilot to their service portfolio
November 5, 2020


BuckDesign are offering both an inhouse broadcast studio for rental and will be reselling and providing installation services for companies wishing to deploy their own professional TV broadcast studio within their organization.  

BuckDesign have built their own studio within their office set-up in Alkmaar which is available to corporates wishing to do a production without investing in a complete studio. However companies wishing to implement their own studio, BuckDesign can provide the full set-up of the room design to implementation of the technology.

BuckDesign has been deploying the vPilot technology from Mobile Viewpoint in the beginning of 2020. vPilot is an automated studio system that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to control the cameras and create compelling viewing over multiple cameras without the need of an onsite director or camera operators.

Ideal for live and recorded broadcasts, it enables multiple people interviews, round-table discussions, panel discussions, webinars, corporate communications and other on-stage events. BuckDesign in conjunction with vPilot can provide professional broadcast productions at a compelling cost when compared to traditional approaches of using multi-camera productions.

Peter te Buck, Managing Director at BuckDesign explains “As a company, we have for many years been providing organizations with custom top level exhibition stands for major shows. Over the last few years this has led to increase in the use of AV technology to provide compelling impressions for companies wishing to enhance their company awareness further. The vPilot studio system and the services we offer on top of this platform will enable companies to take their corporate communications to the next level. Webinars, corporate events or TV interviews by the executives will give very professional productions creating a very professional impression of the company brand.”

With its AI automation, vPilot has been designed to be simple to operate. The system comes with the vPanel system which is an easy to use button controller that can be used in real time by the people in front of the camera. It allows the talent to insert images, add graphical overlays and to insert videos when required. 3-D scanners are included with the system that allows the cameras to track people as they move and is compatible with traditional broadcast equipment and can be used with existing webinar systems such as Zoom, Skype and other social media platforms for live streaming.

Peter te Buck concludes “Many corporates when arranging broadcast initiatives need to organize a camera crew and resource. With the vPilot they have the ability to do live broadcasts without needing technical people onsite. They have the freedom to do broadcasts, webinars and online meetings when they want and at a moment’s notice. Given the flexibility of the system, the return on investment proves to be very quick.”