London Counter Terrorism Unit
September 5, 2018

Counter-Terrorism Unit

The Challenge

London’s Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism division fulfills a wide range of roles in safeguarding the capital and protecting its large population.

When deployed in the city itself, the unit’s equipment operates very effectively. But historically, on occasions when teams have been deployed to areas outside London, operations have been more challenging due to the restrictions of existing technology and connectivity back to HQ and London.

The division needed a solution that would create a more seamless mobile service, on the move

The Solution

Vislink cameras and surveillance equipment give the police’s counter-terrorism division the ability to operate effectively and quickly, anywhere. Live images can be broadcast in real-time from the air, down to a remote site – such as a field, tent, or school building – which enables the team to provide a complete picture of events from the air, for immediate decision-making on the ground.

The technology is equally effective in remote areas. Previously, the unit needed to use mobile technology in the field, which could be unreliable in remote locations. Now, the unit benefits from satellite technology that keeps them connected to HQ.

The benefits of Vislink’s solution were well demonstrated during the recent flooding in South England. The cameras relayed live pictures to the environment agency, as well as military personnel involved in constructing flood defenses. By getting these high-quality images immediately to critical people on the ground, they could act on them quickly and decisively, optimizing resources and improving results. The footage is broadcast via satellite to the head office for recording and further intelligence work when needed.

The Result

With Vislink’s cameras providing HD-quality video and transmitters capable of ranges up to 60 miles, remote users are now able view live imagery direct from the scene, regardless of location. This transforms operational efficiency and encourages closer collaboration between both counter-terrorism teams and other emergency services – such as fire brigade, ambulance, coastguard and police.

These efficiencies also apply beyond the UK. Recently, during NATO’s Summit in Wales, the unit worked effectively with its opposite teams in Europe and the US.

“Vislink gives us the capability to create and distribute live images across large distances. This gives us a reliable, secure and portable resource which improves the effectiveness of our response.”

Sergeant Andy Hutchinson Operations Manager, London Metropolitan Police