London Fire Brigade
September 5, 2018

Emergency Service Improves Efficiency with Helicopter Downlink System

The Challenge

The London Fire Brigade provides emergency response and support in a number of scenarios. From people trapped in buildings during fires to chemical spills, flooding, hazardous materials and other natural disasters, a fast and effective service can literally save lives – for both the officers and the public.

Historically, incident assessment and initial response could be time-consuming and cumbersome for teams on the ground. Teams had to walk around the incident ground, draw a map to record and share information with colleagues, and try to memorise it manually in the process. A more efficient and cost-effective capability was needed.

The Solution

Vislink’s audio-visual systems have revolutionised response operations for the city’s Fire Brigade. Response teams can now receive and distribute digital images in real-time, for more informed decision-making and more integrated emergency services.

Helicopters transmit live images directly to the command centre and communicate via a fixed camera on the command vehicle on the ground to give an accurate and crystal-clear representation of what is going on. This helps ensure an immediate and effective response and also helps with preparation for rescue planning and subsequent support. In cases where there is a large area on fire – such as a building or incident ground – teams can get to the heart of the incident much faster. Downlink systems tell them exactly where to go and give them a bird’s eye view of everything as it happens.

The Result

Appropriate equipment and resources can be allocated far more efficiently both at the scene and afterwards. Officers can also assess hazards and risks in a location prior to entering, which makes them better informed and less exposed to danger.

“Vislink has enabled us to provide an unprecedented support service to the public, through joined up response units and close collaboration with the capital’s other emergency services.”

Mick Geraighty Watch Manager, London Fire Brigade