Maritime Police Unit
November 27, 2019

Vislink Transmitters and Receivers Provide Interoperability in UK Capital

The Challenge

The Maritime Police Unit provides a critical marine support service for London. From routine monitoring to high alert response, it maintains public safety for the capital’s rivers, docks, canals and reservoirs.

However, in such a geographically-dispersed city, with high traffic congestion and a large population, this can be a major challenge. Integrated support has not always been easy – historically emergency units have worked in isolation, which can jeopardise response effectiveness.

The Solution

Vislink’s advanced downlink solutions enable the Maritime Police Unit to enhance its capabilities by ‘ joining up’ their onboard cameras seamlessly with other surveillance and response services. Connectivity between aircraft, river launches and handheld devices on the ground ensures critical images and supporting data are communicated in real-time to give decision-makers full information on any incident.

This has been invaluable in improving operational efficiencies and routine monitoring at major events such as the Queen’s Jubilee, New Year’s Eve and Central London demonstrations. For example, when unexpected incidents occur such as drunk people climbing on bridges or falling in the river during the New Year’s Eve fireworks, or trouble breaking out in the crowds, the Maritime Police Unit can see what’s going on, who is involved, and where they are in an instant – enabling an effective rescue response.

Downlinked latitude and longitude data provides an exact GPS location, allowing decision-makers to anticipate and respond using complete and accurate information from air, river and land. Without this technology, it simply wouldn’t be able to provide this level of public safety support. It also promotes greater integration between London’s different emergency services.

“With Vislink, we enjoy the ability to make evidence-based decisions in real-time. This not only enables us to provide a faster, more effective response to incidents, but also improves the safety of our public and employees.”

Mark Greenock, Maritime Police Unit