Vislink vPilot Uses AI to Produce Virtual Radio Broadcasts for Belgian Broadcaster VRT
August 16, 2023

Vislink’s IQ vPilot is an innovative solution that empowers any individual or organization to launch their own news, TV, or increasingly popular, radio station or podcast, delivering professional-grade content production tools with unparalleled cost-efficiency and flexibility. The IQ vPilot goes beyond being a cost-saving solution; it integrates advanced AI to automate content production. This eliminates the need for traditional camera operators or onsite directors, making it an ideal choice for podcasts and radio applications that are expanding into video content.

VRT is the public broadcaster of the Flemish Community in Belgium. It is a media organization oriented towards all Flemish citizens, with a special focus on the diversity and uniqueness of the Flemish audience. VRT mainly presents high-quality and distinctive content in the areas of information, culture, education, entertainment, and sports.

VRT is a Vislink customer that utilizes the Vislink IQ vPilot for its Visual Radio broadcasts. vPilot serves as a virtual director and cameraperson in one, monitoring all camera views. Camera selection is driven by a combination of AI and audio processing, with camera sensors detecting the precise positioning of people onscreen. The vPilot AI drives the optimum camera and shot selection. VRT adds its own customized video playback and graphics overlays which can be easily enacted by the presenter on screen.

By enriching the visual components of radio programs and podcasts, Vislink’s IQ vPilot introduces an immersive dimension for the audience, thereby revolutionizing the way listeners experience audio content. IQ vPilot is an accessible option that helps create visually compelling and engaging content for podcasts and radio shows.