IQ Clipper Studio

Live clipping and re-publish highlights

Live Clipping – Publish highlights and create summaries in real time

With sports highlights shows and social media driving fan engagement with near-live updates the need for streamlined clip generation workflows has never been more acute.

MVP’s IQ Clipper Studio applies the power of artificial intelligence to identify key sporting moments from real-time content as candidates to cut into TV programming or to publish onto on-line platforms.

It can be used as an extension of the IQ Sports Producer (IQ-SP) platform which provides high quality live broadcast sports productions driven by an artificial intelligence engine, to track the sporting action and produce exciting and engaging productions. IQ-SP allows the production of sports events without the need of an onsite camera crew or director. It has been designed for leagues and sports that don’t have the budget for a major camera crew.

The Clipper Studio toolset allows the rapid building of a highlights package, delivers rapid publishing of clips to social media, and creates a revolution in automated event-driven action-replay production workflows that lowers storage costs.

With this web-based live clipping application  which is as an element of LinkMatrix, content creation teams can select key moments as they occur from a live stream, edit and post them within 30 seconds to Social Media platforms or to other IP based media apps.

With ClipperStudio there is no need for a complicated editing systems set-up. Just access the Clipper Studio application through the LinkMatrix portal, select your live stream, select highlights, edit them frame accurately and post them instantly.

Real-time, fast and in the highest quality. And no extra hardware needed!

IQ Clipper Studio is part of the IQ Sports Producer sofware toolkit for fast, high quality, instant production and publication of content

Use Cases are

  • Action replay workflows
  • Highlights package building
  • Clipping for social media publication



  • Be the first to share content on social media channels
  • Engage bigger and new audiences with your short format content
  • Re-use key moments after the actual event
Product Features


AI driven identification of key sports action events

  • Start of Game
  • End of Game
  • Goals
  • Penalties
  • Corner kicks
  • Highlights builder
  • Clip export to social media


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