CRx2 Diversity Receiver

Ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) two-way diversity central receiver

The IMT Compact Receiver X2 (CRX2) is a ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) two-way diversity central receiver. It offers exceptional RF performance and IP66 environmental durability for external use. The CRX2 is the new generation of receive systems.

Compact Receive x2 2-Way MaxRC COFDM Receiver

The IMT Compact Receiver X2 (CRX2) is a ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) two-way diversity central receiver. Typical diversity receive sites would have the antennas and LNA’s or BDCs mounted at the top of the tower with coaxial cables running the length of the tower to a receiver and decoder. This design made the entire system susceptible to lightning and other EMI disturbances. By fully integrating the receiver, IMT has reduced the coaxial runs to one Ethernet cable, while decreasing the susceptibility to lightning and overall system costs.

The IMT CRX2 system was designed to automatically optimize the receive signal at all times, and virtually eliminate all human intervention. The Compact Receiver (CRX2) accepts 2 RF inputs from external antennas and features a compact, lightweight rugged IP rated chassis enabling it to be mounted on vehicles, towers or building tops in any weather conditions. The CRX2 sends the MPEG Transport Stream over IP either by an Ethernet cable or over ruggedized fiber to a computer-based software or hardware decoder and is powered via a single cable. The CRX2 also features optional 2 or 4 simultaneous RF channel, 2 way diversity reception. All of these features provide unequaled value in a high quality COFDM receiver.

A webpage controller is used to set-up and monitor the CRX2. The webpage controller features channel control, antenna receiver statistics, individual sector graphs and the ability to shut down specific antennas. For advanced functions such as changing frequency plans, AES decryption keys, or unit naming, an easy to use WEB based administration software package is supplied.

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